Ello , my name is chelsea and im but an artist this is my domain so i welcome thee , to view my art and per a little into my world , if you have suggestions pleasue levae them cause im curiose of your points of veiws. thank you for coming and enjoy your stay , ill bid thee fair well till next i post good day

Jul 9

One inch window

The One Inch Window

The layering of the hairs crossing and bouncing the light. orange and white alternating lines give the look of brown space where light does not hit. The look of sleek yet softness to tough . the warm given off yet underling of structure this is what makes the point of meeting of the hip and leg of my cat

The patch of cloth of cloth with hairs that rise grey and white as the bounce off light the layering to give depth as this tries to be fur but has a greater feeling . this warmth lacks but the softness and coldness is their . the unstill body that never had warmth but tries to hold as if it once had life this is what makes a faux fur blanket.


The raised dark and depth alternating sections of red and black due the light and the pigments reflecting , the blood flow under slowly patching . The interweaving white and brown which makes a seal against the flat surface . Close to some standing small black strands of what once covered but now gone. The line of stitching to hold it close this is what a scratch  looks as it heals


Study of a Girl

The young woman with black hair curled and braided to the side tied with a white wide bow and clear pale skin sits alone in her mid length black dress and her clinching waist with white trim that brings contrast to her lace up black boots. She is doing the same thing where doing sketching yet not with words but the traditional sense with her vine charcoal on paper to her self with her music in her ears, quietly making the people enter her own world. Interpreting them just as I’m doing to her. Her association with her media creates the people she interacting with in that given moment, just how I’m indirectly interacting with her. She siting their with a pleasant yet serious look on her face as she works surround by her belongings. The bag that carries what she uses to create with a bird that cry’s in red on the front written with“ a bullet in a flock of doves “ directly under it. Water siting to her side  to quench her thirst or may even be what is used to wash away the mistakes she has made in her sketch of observation. That is the girl I observed siting by her self sketching way in the library of our school.


purple & blue Roses

The aching of ones skin 

The cold touch against your warmth 

Trembling beneath my fingers 

Teeth bare against your bones 

Body bare with all restraints 

My lips so close but yet so far 

With the tangles of your hair in my hands 

With the pressure I lay on your  throat 

The screams that are barely heard 

Covered by the grasp of pain shooting through your veins 

As the muscles dance in your mouth 

The gasp of pleasure that fills in 

Your falling breath is the only warmth that remains 

As both of us come to a close 

Your closed eyes of relapsing memories 

The blue and purple roses against your skin 

My hand grabs your as you become mine 

As your voice regains it’s meaning 

You begin to rise 

 A body set in motion 

Gains it’s strength once again 

Wearing it’s mark to our memories 

Hand in hand you go forward 

Continue where you left 

The memories in your mind 

For I will come again 

Keep the thoughts in the dark 

As your fingers slip between your lips as the fresh roses bloom on your skin 

The roses that i give you shall fade 

The memories will not be forgotten 

For my tough always on you 

In your mind and on your skin 

The fading colors fill with warmth 

Your energy rises

With each arch 

The roses shall remain fro now 

The gift I share 

To you , my doll 

May 8


pulled sugar rose I made in class today

May 5

Jul 30

May 13

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